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MIKE2:Getting Started

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A Wiki is a web application designed to allow multiple authors to add, remove, and edit content easily and quickly. The multiple author capability of Wikis makes them effective tools for mass collaborative authoring like the MIKE2.0 and Wikipedia. If you would like to know more about Wikis, please visit Wikipedia on Wikis.

Wiki applications are designed to encourage users and lower their threshold to contribute content. This can happen in many different forms, be it by creating new pages or by editing, restructuring and reformatting existing content.

If you have never contributed to a Wiki, now is the time! Just click on the edit button on the top of a page and fire away. Initially, you will have to become familiar with the editing tool, which is either a Word-like editor or a simple text editor. The underlying principle is that you shouldn't worry much about the looks and presentation of your content. Focus on adding content organised in simple bullet points or paragraphs.

How to create and edit Wiki pages:

  1. Wikipedia Cheatsheet to learn the basics
  2. MIKE2.0 Wiki Style Guide to learn what writing style we should use on the open methodology wiki
  3. MediaWiki Training videos if you really have to
  4. Excel to Wiki Table Converter to save you HOURS on copying data from Excel to a Wiki table

Most importantly, if you feel that this little introduction did not tell you everything you needed to know to get started, please edit this page and help the rest of your colleagues.

Detailed help is available at the Help Page which you can find in the navigation box on the left.

If you still need to convert HTML Pages to Wiki Syntax please use the wiki2html website.

Wiki Contributors
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