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MIKE2:Known Issues

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This page provides a list of identified issues with the MIKE2.0 Methodology. Users can add any issues to this list that will help improve the content in MIKE2.0. Issues may be edited by other users.

Below is a running list of Known Issues within MIKE2.0 and areas that should be addressed. They describe aspects of MIKE2.0 where the content is in a reasonably complete form but it needs to be improved from a usability, clarity or detail perspective.

The page on Future Requirements provides a list of outstanding areas to be completed in MIKE2.0, some of which could be seen as issues with the current approach. Collectively, the Known Issues and Future Requirements are as follows:

  • Fill in content gaps around areas Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Migration, Data Security and Data Governance
  • Needs some level of Business Solutions and Vendor Solutions to move up and down the stack and across the stack
  • Leveling issues, e.g. ETL tasks in the Overall Implementation Guide are detailed, data modelling is not
  • Steps around taking a Metadata-Driven approach need to be better reformulated
  • Tasks are called out at a low level of detail, provides advantages but also makes dependencies more complex and
  • Need more linking into specific technical assets and software
  • Does not have many document templates (this is part of the strategy, but there should be more templates)
  • Contains large amounts of content that can be difficult to come up to speed on
  • More Training materials are required
  • Needs more detailed supporting assets, e.g. code, standards documents, templates

The areas will be addressed over time; users should feel free to add Known Issues and Future-State Requirements to the existing lists.


Open Issues

Listed below are some of the key issues identified with MIKE2.0 that the MIKE2.0 Leadership Team plans to have resolved. This list will soon be moved into a more user-friendly table format, where each issue will includption

  • Impact area
  • Severity
  • Additional comments on planned resolution

The Sortable Tables Extension will be used for storing this content.

Revise Content Inline with Style Guide

The MIKE2 Style Guide was created after the core documents and there are some discrepancies between the core documents and this guide. These discrepancies are primarily around capitalization, use of American English and linking. These are itemized out in the wiki in more detail. Also may use of mathematical expressions and properly transclude content.

Complete Infrastructure Maturity QuickScan

Get Infrastructure Maturity QuickScan completed and loaded into tool. To complement the Infrastructure Maturity QuickScan, there is also a Infrastructure Maturity QuickScan, that covers areas associated with "Infrastructure Development". This QuickScan is less sophisticated than the Information Maturity QuickScan and is only available in a .ppt version. Possible ways to extend this model include bringing in questions from 2 of BearingPoint's existing QuickScan assessments into the overall methodology (IT QuickScan and Delta Agility).

Change Actvity - Data Modelling

Should use a more systematic approach to data modelling tasks. These should be reflected in the Overall Implementation Guide and MIKE2 Solution for Data Modellng. Proposed changes:

  • Break Data Modelling activitity into Logical Modelling and Physical Modelling, with multiple tasks underneath
  • Use existing DAK data modelling training materials to add to this content
  • Bring in new detailed Supporting Assets for Data Modelling to support this content

Change Business Intelligence Activities

There are currently 3 Activities that cover all of Business Intelligence prototyping, design and build. These Activities could be broken out further into more detail, i.e. there could be a separate activity for Data Mining as opposed to it being a task.

Improve Linking from Inputs and Outputs

MIKE2 would be easier to use if the following changes were made to inputs/output on tasks:

  • Develop a standard set of output/input names for deliverables (there are currently a few inconsistencies)
  • Change language so its always deliverable-focused (sometimes task names are used for inputs and outputs)

The changes will be implemented in version 1.5 of the Overall Implemenation Guide and then update in the wiki

The additional change in the wiki would be to do the following:

  • Link at Activity Page to each deliverable output
  • Create an overview of each output deliverable, most of the content should stay in the description of the task as it is currently defined

Add Actvity Detail - Data Security

There are currently a few tasks around Data Security, but these could be broken out into more detail into a separate Activity and MIKE2 Solution for Data Security.

Add Activity Detail - Infrastructure Management

There are currently a few tasks around Infrastructure Management but these should be revised to incorporate more modern techniques for Infrastructure Management.

Change all references of MIKE2 to MIKE2.0

MIKE2 is re-branded as MIKE2.0, should change all references of this name. Starting point is the wiki but should also be changed in relevant aspects of Intraspect documentation. It should be communicated that MIKE2.0 is the new name for the Open Source version.

Merge Solution Areas around Data Governance and COE Delivery Model

Bring together approach in MIKE2 around moving to a Center of Excellence and improving overall Data Governance. The organisational structure and skills are just one aspect of better Data Governance, it also includes technology, processes and procedures. There is a large degree of content in the existing MIKE2 methodology, this should be brought together into MIKE2.0. Right now this Solution is incomplete and inconsistent in some areas.

Recently Closed Issues

Ensure All Terms are Defined

Terms such as Technology Backplane, Information Development, etc should be clearly described, as should all technology terms. Look for any situations where this is not the case and address them.

Review Content and Re-Categorise

A new set of baseline categories should be added to a number of existing pages. Also need to:

  • Move some categories to sub-categories
  • Remove top-level categories from articles that has sub-categories
  • Move categories to the bottom of each article as opposed to the top
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