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MIKE2:Private Supporting Assets

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Private Supporting Assets are any Supporting Asset that has not been made available to the open source community. Under that proposed Licensing Model that uses the Creative Commons Attribution License users of MIKE2.0 are under no obligation to share their derivative works into the MIKE2.0 Methodology.

Organising Supporting Assets

Supporting Assets on the Information Management Intraspect Site

BearingPoint's Private Supporting Assets are stored on the BearingPoint Global Information Management Intraspect site and are organised based on their content into a easily searchable form.

Policies that link these Private Supporting Assets into MIKE2.0 include:

  • No data redundancy - links are used instead of storing files multiple times.
  • Use well-defined naming standards for files, directories and sub-directories
  • Follow the taxonomy that aligns with the structure of MIKE2.0
  • Use metadata descriptors to link supporting assets to MIKE2.0
  • Use metadata descriptors to recommend extensions to MIKE2.0 through supporting assets
  • Version control assets and linked to specific version of MIKE2.0

These assets are accessible only internal BearingPoint users.

Linking Supporting Assets to MIKE2

MIKE2 Supporting Assets Organized by Phases and Activities

Although some of the Key Supporting Assets are referenced directly within the Overall Implementation Guide, many more Supporting Assets are linked directly to MIKE2.0 through metadata descriptions on Intraspect and by linking documents into the Supporting Assets directory.

By navigating into each of the Supporting Assets, users will see that they have been organised by the phases and activities of MIKE2.0. This allows users to easily find assets associated with the MIKE2.0 methodology; assets can also be found by searching by Activity Name.

Within these Supporting Assets are some of BearingPoint's best technique papers, training guides and example deliverables from projects. Internal BearingPoint users should always check Supporting Assets as they progress through each Activity in MIKE2.0. Supporting Assets are updated frequently.

Supporting Assets also contain Deliverable Templates that should be used for MIKE2.0. A number of Deliverable Templates now exist and many more will be built over the next few releases of MIKE2.0.

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