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MIKE2:Project Examples

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Project Examples are example artifacts produced from using the MIKE2.0 Methodology on a project. Project Examples are typically Private Supporting Assets and are housed on the internal content management systems of users of the MIKE2.0 Methodology. In some cases, these private assets can be shared and made part of the public methodology.

Project Examples are different from Client Case Studies which provide a summary of the project; they are detailed examples of project artifacts, e.g. an example Solution Architecture for a Data Warehouse. They provide examples of Deliverable Templates, Tools and Technique Papers or Software Assets.

Besides being categorized as Project Examples, artifacts should be categorized for the specific role they play in the MIKE2.0 Methodology.

Contributors that wish to incorporate content that has been used in a business or academic environment should ensure they are not in violation of any terms and conditions of that project in relation to the use of intellectual property as per the Contribution Guidelines for MIKE2.0.

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