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MIKE2:Stub Article

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This article is a key aspect of the Open Methodology Framework and has therefore been protected. Propose changes to this article on its corresponding discussion page.

Stub Articles are very short articles, generally of one paragraph or less. Creating Stub Articles can provide a good approach when a Contributor to MIKE2.0 has a limited amount of time or feels their knowledge of an area is incomplete. If an article cannot be completed, sometimes a placeholder tables of contents is used to show the key areas to be covered when the article is more mature.

By writing a stub, you can help other Contributors get a better understanding of what you are looking for and it will generally help facillitate the process of getting a completed article.

Key aspects you may to include in a stub include:

To intiate a discussion around known changes to the article, use the article's Talk Pages.

To identify an article as a Stub, the Stub Template should be added to the top of the Article using the following text:

{{MIKE2 Stub}}

You can help also complete articles by looking through the the inventory of stub articles.

Wikipedia also uses the concept of Stub Articles to the same ends and provides a comprehensive description of this approach.

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