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MIKE2:University Collaboration

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At MIKE2.0, we strongly believe that there is a great opportunity to increase collaboration of IM practitioners with acadmic institutions. One can imagine collaboration at several levels, all for the benefit of the participants, the discipline of IM and ultimately customers and organisations.

We would like to establish the following cooperations

  • Undergraduate and graduate student team projects
  • Individual master and PhD thesis projects
  • Research collaboration with academic staff

The following paragraphs list our current and past activities. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Undergraduate and graduate team projects

University of Bath, BSc in Business Administration

Topic: The Business Case for Open Standards and Methodologies – Implications for MIKE2.0 and how to establish a successful open source methodology

Team: Caine Pan, Kevin Qiao, Lorah Chong, Manman Lai, Yushi Xian

Duration: October 2009 - April 2010


Project Brief:

Sponsor: BearingPoint UK

Imperial College, MSc in Management

Topic: The commercial development of open standards and collaborative techniques – implications of MIKE2.0 for BearingPoint’s markets with several specific topics organised as sub projects

Teams: 9 teams with about 60 students

Duration: February - July 2010


  • Expected in July 2010

Sponsor: BearingPoint UK

Individual master and PhD thesis projects

London School of Economics

2 Master students in Spring/Summer 2010. Details to follow.

Research collaboration with academic staff

Brunel University

Collaboration with Department of Information Systems & Computing. Details to follow.

Of course we also welcome publication of acadmic work independently, but would encourage linking it into specific aspects of the methodology through the concept of an Integrated Content Repository. d universities.

We’d also welcome feedback on how to best engage with the academic community - please edit this page and recommend ways to engage.

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