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MIKE2:Ways to Contribute

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There are several ways to contribute and it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the MIKE2.0 wiki. These include:

1. Anyone can create a new article, just click on this link. You may want to read these instructions first.

Focus on

2. Add links to other information management articles through OM bookmarks. We are doing something quite interesting things with social boomarking on MIKE2.0 as we link in articles off the site and use tags to link them into the standard. Adding a bookmark is the perhaps the easiest way to contribute.

3. You can help edit existing articles – it's a wiki, don't worry about editing anyone else’s content.

4. You can discuss articles on the wiki talk page

5. You can evangelize mike2.0 – tell others about it, encourage them to contribute, publish project implementation stories and write about it on other sites. If you blog about it, use the tag "mike2.0" and it will appear on the site.

6. You can introduce a new solution offering or a new composite solution offering

There are lots of different types of articles to which users can contribute. Refer to the content model for an overview.

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