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MIKE2:Ways to use MIKE2.0

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There are lots of ways to use content from MIKE2.0. You don't need to use the approach from beginning to end to get the value, sometimes just a single article will do. Here are some example use cases:

1. Determine the overall set of activities needed on an Information Management engagement. To do this, start with the Overall Implementation Guide.

2. Find a specific technique to solve a complex problem, by leveraging one of the many tools and technqiue papers.

3. Help determine the future-state architecutre of a solution using the SAFE Architecture. For example, you might want to define the key components that are needed or look into best practice design patterns.

4. Create a MIKE2.0 mashup to the Integrated Content Repository. This allows you to directly reuse assets from the live site and bundle them with your internally held assets. This is the approach BearingPoint has taken with its IM Solution Suite.

5. Introduce better Information Governance practices, including the implementation of advanced technqiues that combine Enterprise 2.0 with Information Governance.

5. Make use of recommended skills or organisational structures to build an Information Management Centre of Excellence.

6. Assess your organisation's information maturity level through IM QuickScan.

7. Illustrate ways to solve complex business issues through better Information Management practices.

8. Look for the most valuable IM assets on the web by looking in OM Bookmarks.

9. Look for new ideas in Information Development in the MIKE2.0 blog on information development.

10. Implement new techniques become an information-centric organisation, such as [Extreme Blueprinting and Roadmapping]].

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