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MediaWiki:Contribution Guide

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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How to style text

''italic'' || italic

'''bold''' || bold

How to link to other articles

[[article title]] || Article title

[[title|display text]] || Display text

How to make headings

== heading 2 == || heading 2

=== heading 3 === || heading 3

==== heading 4 ==== || heading 4

How to make lists

* bullet 1 || • bullet 1

** bullet 2 || ° bullet 2

# item 1 || 1. item 1

## item 2 || 1.1 item 2

How to make Definition



:item2 ||


More Formatting from Wikipedia


Style Guidelines

Help with Priority Articles

Share Your Article

  • Send an article to your friends
  • Ask for a peer review
  • Ask for an article to be featured

More Formatting from Wikipedia

Open Methodology

Understand the framework

Determine where your article fits

Build the integrated content repository

  • Understand the concept
  • Add bookmarks to the site
  • Link bookmarks to category pages
  • Install omCollab
  • Create mashups to MIKE2.0

More Formatting from Wikipedia

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