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NetApp Solution

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Network Appliance Archival and Compliance Solution

Network Appliance is a world leader in unified storage solutions for today’s data-intensive enterprise. Since its inception in 1992, Network Appliance has delivered technology, product, and partner firsts that simplify data management.

Network Appliance takes a wholistic view associated with data access, classification, security, management, retrieval, and archival. Network Appliance value proposition is in the simplification of data management.

Network Appliance provides this approach related to enterprises seeking to manage their architecture for archival of relevant data and the maintenance of this data to adhere to business compliance requirements. This architecture is depicted by the following graphic:

Archival and compliance.jpg

Problem Addressed by the Solution

Rapid data growth is raising the complexity of and the liability involved with storing and managing data. Slow performance, lower reliability, poor resource utilization, and the high costs of managing primary data are operational issues your enterprise cannot afford. Increasingly, enterprises are looking to archive inactive data to a secondary storage environment to improve service levels and intelligently manage storage costs.

Similarly, with the expansion of compliance requirements over the past several years, companies must ensure that data is secure, unalterable, and immediately accessible in order to comply with regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the European Union Data Protection Directive, and Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (J SOX). Furthermore, in order to meet civil rules of discovery, litigation support and eDiscovery have emerged as major IT and business challenges, resulting in significant fines for noncompliance for a growing number of leading organizations.

A unified archive and compliance solution will address growing storage costs across your infrastructure, improve service levels, and satisfy your needs for long-term data retention requirements.

Relationship to the SAFE Architecture

The NetApp Archival and Compliance solution fits into the MIKE2 Solutions Technology Backplane. The solution is an IT Transformation implementation related to an Enterprise ILM strategy for effective management of an Enterprise Data Store. The solution can be seen as a supporting asset to an overall architecture related to enterprise data transformation and management.

Relationship to activities and tasks of the Overall Implementation Guide

The Solution

The NetApp archive and compliance solution eliminates the need for separate storage silos and bridges the gap between point solutions for archive and compliance. Furthermore, it enables a single architecture to be used across primary and secondary storage regardless of protocol (e.g., NAS or SAN). The unified NetApp approach provides customers with a lower total cost of ownership and simplified management without sacrificing performance. Utilizing an open-standards approach, NetApp eliminates the need to write to proprietary APIs, thereby reducing integration costs and enabling companies to aggregate all archive and compliance initiatives enterprisewide to a common flexible platform.


Lower cost of ownership leverages the same infrastructure for primary and secondary storage, greatly lowering total cost and delivering consistent, "no compromise" performance that far outpaces the competition.

Flexible and extensible

The unique architecture enables mixing and matching of protocols, retention policies, and security models within the same array. Integrated Solutions

Standards-based integration with major archiving applications minimizes cost and complexity. Future Proofed

Delivers today on long-term data retention needs for security, scale, access control, performance, and total cost.

By implementing the unique NetApp architecture, organizations receive the most flexible storage platform with the capability to run any protocol, designate compliance and archive volumes, as well as selectively encrypt data, all within the same array for a truly unique single-box solution.

The NetApp unified storage platform, utilizing NetApp fabric-attached storage (FAS) or NearStore® systems, addresses your archive and compliance concerns for:

Classify, index, search to fulfill compliance and litigation discovery requests

Identify hidden privacy exposures, inappropriate content, and non-public information

Automatically migrate data and optimize storage utilization

Enable business records to be unalterable and rapidly accessible with disk-based WORM storage

Obtain control over your data and secure your vital assets across the enterprise

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