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omCollab is a powerful, Enterprise 2.0 collaboration product completely built on open source software (OSS). It provides a web portal environment to create, share, and search many types of content across the enterprise, including: 

  • Microsoft Office files
  • Other files
  • shared bookmarks
  • blog posts
  • wiki articles

omCollab integrates some of the most powerful open source software applications into a single collaborative environment. In turn, It enables organisations to drive innovation, collaboration, and community building.

omCollab is a composite of a number of different products that collectively enhance collaboration. At a high level, provides the collaborative software platform for MIKE2.0.


Capabilities of omCollab

MIKE2.0 is hosted within a comprehensive collaboration environment that allow users to engage in knowledge sharing, content development and skills improvement. The capabilities provided by omCollab include:

  • A Wiki to collaboratively create and share content (based on MediaWiki which powers Wikipedia, the world's largest Wiki).
  • Blogs to publish individual or group-based information (based on Wordpress, the world's most popular blogging platform).
  • Social Bookmarking for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks. We have released this as omBookmarks, a fork of the codebase from Scuttle.
  • Forums to support discussion groups and frequently asked questions (based on phpBB, the most widely used open source forums solution)
  • Search for users to discover content across federated repositories.
  • Rich User Interface with advanced navigational components, an integrated skin and single sign on to provide common look and feel across the platform.

There are also a number of extensions to these components, that can be found of the Special:Version page of MIKE2.0.

Enabling an Integrated Content Repository

The standard provided by MIKE2.0 links to the best Information Management (IM) assets on the web and within a company. Using omCollab, you can quickly integrate MIKE2.0 with your own internally-held assets.

OmCollab vision.jpg

Installation of omCollab

An overview on Installing omCollab from a package.

Contributing to omCollab

We're looking for developers who would like to Contribute to omCollab. Code is accessible from the svn repository. We'll soon be publishing more information on obtaining commit rights.

IM Solution Suite

The IM Solution Suite is BearingPoint's overall IM solution framework and consists of the following components:

  • omCollab is the technology platform that supports this environment
  • MIKE2.0 is the OS site
  • ImCollab is the internal environment

Case Studies

MIKE2.0 and ImCollab (BearingPoint's internal collaboration environment that links to MIKE2.0) both run on omCollab. You can read more about OmCollab case studies and also add your implementation case studies to the article.

Where is omCollab going?

We have released omCollab as OSS for one main reason: we want to harness the power of the community and create the world's best OS Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform. Check out the the omCollab Product Roadmap to see where we are going with this.

Additional Product Documentation

omCollab leverages code from major OS initiatives and brings them together into a single product. There is a great deal of additional documentation for these products used to supplement omCollab. These products follow an extension-based architecture. In other words, omCollab does not modify core product code, making all core product documentation valid. 

We also use a number of MediaWiki extensions, Wordpress plugins and phpBB mods

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