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Open Methodology Framework

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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The Open Methodology Framework is a collaborative environment for building methods to solve complex issues impacting business, technology, and society. The MIKE2.0_Methodology is the pilot project for the Open Methodology Framework. The Open Methodology Framework will be extended over time to include other projects. Another example of an open methodology, is open-sustainability which applies many of these concepts to the area of sustainable development.

Suggestions for other Open Methodology projects can be initiated on this article's talk page.

Our Philosophy for an Open Methodology Framework

The best methodologies provide repeatable approaches on how to do things well based on established techniques. The Open Methodology Framework goes beyond the standards, techniques and best practices common to most methodologies with three objectives:

  • To Encourage Collaborative User Engagement
  • To Provide a Framework for Innovation
  • To Balance Release Stability with Continuous Improvement

We believe that this approach provides a successful framework accomplishing things in a better and collaborative fashion. What's more, this approach allows for concurrent focus on both method and detailed technology artifacts. The emphasis is on emerging areas in which current methods and technologies lack maturity.

Where We Are Today

The MIKE2.0 Methodology

Up until this point, our focus has been on creating the MIKE2.0 Methodology to help organisations better manage their data.

Whilst organisations have spent the last few decades building new systems and infrastructure, there has been an insufficient focus on how data should be properly managed in these systems. The net result is that organisations face problems related to: 

  • compliance
  • transformation failures
  • the high cost of technology systems.

MIKE2.0 strives to be a methodology for organisations wanting to focus on Information Development as much as Application Development.

The Open Methodology Framework

We believe we're in the early stages of providing an Open Methodology Framework. The ultimate goal is to build a generalised model via the MIKE2.0 approach. We've taken much of our inspiration from Wikipedia. To be sure, there are similarities between the Open Methodology and Wikipedia, but some of our goals are different.

As far as we know, MIKE2.0 is the world’s first open and collaborative methodology. It will be an interesting challenge for our community to see if we can actually build on this hybrid type of approach--e.g., one that sits between a Wikipedia-style and code-based models.

For our initial release, we've kept it simple. We've removed quite a bit of initially planned functionality. MIKE2.0 will walk before it can run, allowing for future development once the community determines how the overall approach will work.

Where We Plan to Go

Our first priority is to greatly improve MIKE2.0: this is primary focus of the individuals currently involved in the Open Methodology project. In addition, we would like to begin to develop new ideas for other collaborative methodologies.

We believe that this is the first step in a long running-effort. We know that our approach will change over time. Finally, we hope others will get involved in contributing to our approach.

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