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Overall Task List

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Overall Task List - attachments

The overall task list is available in MS excel and MS project form.

Overall Task List - summary view

Phase 1 - Business Blueprint

Phase 2 - Technology Blueprint

Phase 3 - Roadmap & Foundation

Phase 4 - Detailed Design

Phase 5 - Implement & Improve

Continuous Improvement:

Overall Task List - expanded view

Phase 1 - Business Assessment and Strategy Definition Blueprint

Activity 1.1 Strategic Mobilisation

Activity 1.2 Enterprise Information Management Awareness

Activity 1.3 Overall Business Strategy for Information Development

Activity 1.4 Organisational QuickScan for Information Development

Activity 1.5 Future State Vision for Information Management

Activity 1.6 Data Governance Sponsorship and Scope

Activity 1.7 Initial Data Governance Organisation

Activity 1.8 Return on Investment of Information Assets

Activity 1.9 Business Blueprint Completion

Activity 1.10 Programme Review

Phase 2 - Technology Assessment and Selection Blueprint

Activity 2.1 Strategic Requirements for BI Application Development

Activity 2.2 Strategic Requirements for Technology Backplane Development

Activity 2.3 Strategic Non-Functional Requirements

Activity 2.4 Current-State Logical Architecture

Activity 2.5 Future-State Logical Architecture and Gap Analysis

Activity 2.6 Future-State Physical Architecture and Vendor Selection

Activity 2.7 Data Governance Policies

Activity 2.8 Data Standards

Activity 2.9 Software Development Lifecycle Preparation

Activity 2.10 Metadata Driven Architecture

Activity 2.11 Technology Blueprint Completion

Phase 3 - Information Management Roadmap and Foundation Activities

Activity 3.1 Information Management Roadmap Overview

Activity 3.2: Testing and Deployment Plan

Activity 3.3 Software Development Readiness

Activity 3.4 Detailed Business Requirements

Activity 3.5 Business Scope for Improved Data Governance

Activity 3.6 Enterprise Information Architecture

Activity 3.7 Root Cause Analysis of Data Governance Issues

Activity 3.8 Data Governance Metrics

Activity 3.9 Database Design

Activity 3.10 Taxonomy Design

Activity 3.11 Metadata Development

Activity 3.12 Message Modelling

Activity 3.13 Data Profiling

Activity 3.14 Data Re-Engineering

Activity 3.15 Business Intelligence Initial Design and Prototype

Activity 3.16 Solution Architecture Definition/Revision

Activity 3.17 Prototype the Solution Architecture

Phase 4 - Design Increment

Activity 4.1 User Support & Operational Procedures Design

Activity 4.2 Business Intelligence Design

Activity 4.3 Information Security Design

Activity 4.4 Infrastructure Management Process Design

Activity 4.5. Data Integration Logical Design

Activity 4.6 Data Integration Physical Design

Activity 4.7 User Collaboration Design

Activity 4.8 User Interface Design

Activity 4.9 Services Oriented Architecture Design

Activity 4.10 Test Design

Phase 5 - Incremental Development, Testing, Deployment and Improvement

Activity 5.1 User Support & Operational Procedure Guides

Activity 5.2 Technology Backplane Development

Activity 5.3 BI Application Development

Activity 5.4 Functional Testing

Activity 5.5 System Integration Testing

Activity 5.6 End-to-End Testing

Activity 5.7 Stress and Volume Testing

Activity 5.8 User & Operations Training

Activity 5.9 Production Deployment

Activity 5.10 Evaluation and Launch

Activity 5.11 Continuous Improvement - Compliance Auditing

Activity 5.12 Continuous Improvement - Standards, Policies and Processes

Activity 5.13 Continuous Improvement - Data Quality

Activity 5.14 Continuous Improvement - Infrastructure

Activity 5.15 Continuous Improvement - Information Development Organisation

Activity 5.16 Project Closeout

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