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Programme Review

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Activity: Programme Review


The Programme Activity is used to periodically checkpoint the success of the project and the methodology. This activity should be performed after each phase or more frequently if appropriate. Its purpose is to check both applicability and usefulness of the methodology and assess whether it is being followed. It is an opportunity to modify either the methodology as deployed in the project, the manner the project is being run or both. Continuous Improvement activities are also listed in Phase 5 of MIKE2.0.

Major Deliverables

  • Modifications to methodology
  • Modifications to training program
  • Modifications to team members and the structure of the team


Assess Alignment with Strategy


The methodology should be checked from a business and technology strategy perspective, for alignment with common best practices in this area and for alignment with the initial objectives of the programmes as the project evolves over time. The importance of the Blueprint approach is that the high-level vision provides a constant communication tool on the alignment of Business and Technology Strategy and how it is being implemented in the individual delivery cycles over the life of the programme.



  • Updated Business Assessment and Strategy Definition Blueprint

Assess People


The effectiveness of the individuals is matched against expectations. Missing or insufficient capabilities and skills are noted for staffing of future projects. Training is modified accordingly. People should be assessed against role descriptions that are made available as part of the MIKE2.0 Methodology.


  • All work documents
  • All deliverables
  • Updated Project plan
  • Performance reviews
  • Staff Skills Assessment
  • Programme Blueprint


  • Update capabilities and skills necessary to perform tasks
  • Updated training requirements

Assess Organisation


To ensure the organisational model that has been proposed meets the business objectives and to ensure that the underlying team structures for project delivery are in synergy with the overall organisational structure. This is a general task that should be used to measured an organisation’s overall efficiency and effectiveness at improving Data Governance.


  • Organisation model
  • Organisational Assessment
  • Updated Project plan
  • Programme Blueprint


  • Changes to team and organisational structure
  • Updated training requirements

Assess Methodology Processes


The methods, work documents, deliverables and completion dates are reviewed to assess the effectiveness of the MIKE2.0 methodology. Recommendations to enhance/improve the methodology should be captured at this stage.


  • Overall MIKE2.0 methodology process
  • Supporting Assets
  • Updated Project plan
  • Programme Blueprint


  • Method changes and additions
  • Updated required effort to complete tasks/phase

Assess Technology


The effectiveness of the technologies employed is assessed and recommendations are made in how to improve usage or to abandon a technology in favour of a new one. Technology is always changing and evolving: new technology decisions must be purposeful, business-driven and well-researched. This assessment should be expressed in the context of the long-term approach shown in the overall Blueprint.


  • Conceptual, Logical, Physical and Solution Architecture (Current and Future-State)
  • Project Reviews
  • Issues list
  • 3^rd^ party technology information


  • Updated Technology Blueprint
  • Updated Conceptual, Logical, Physical and Solution Architecture
  • Flow-through changes to any design documentation

Review and Act on Recommendations


The recommendations of the previous tasks of this activity are reviewed by the team and appropriate action is taken to resolve major issues.


  • Assess People
  • Assess Organisation
  • Assess Methodology Processes
  • Assess Technology
  • Assess Alignment with Strategy


  • Apply changes to Methodology/Training
  • Disseminate information on changes to the rest of the practice

Core Supporting Assets

Yellow Flags

  • Project has made major diversions from use of the methodology without supporting rationale
  • Individuals show consistent under-performance and there are poor team dynamics
  • Team structure has increased significantly in a short amount of time due to being behind schedule
  • Major changes in vendor technology set such as acquisitions
  • Consistent under-performance of selected or developed technology
  • Lack of uptake in building a culture focused on information management

Key Resource Requirements

  • Complete Project Team
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