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QuickScan MS Office survey

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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The Information Maturity (IM) QuickScan is the tool used to assess current and desired Information Maturity levels within an organisation. The IM QuickScan survey instrument is broad in scope and is intended to assess enterprise capabilities as opposed to focusing on a single subject area. The results of the survey are conducting during Phase 1 of the MIKE2.0 Methodology during the Organisational QuickScan for Information Development Activity.

To install the Microsoft Office version of the IM QuickScan begin by creating a directory "C:\Assessment" and install the follwing three files in the new directory:

1. Assessment Questions.xls

2. Assessment Engine.xls

3. Assessment Report.docx

Note: Some users have reported that .docx files are saving as ".zip" on their Internet Explorer browsers. If this happens to you simply rename "" as "Assessment_Report.docx".

Always open “Assessment_Questions.xls” first, followed by “Assessment_Engine.xls” second and finally “Assessment_Report.docx” third. The “Assessment_Questions.xls” is the file that gets filled out. There are 133 questions, each of which requires an answer from the drop down box. It is important that the name of the organisation is filled out at the top and that no modifications are made to the structure of the spreadsheet or its name.

Once “Assessment_Questions.xls” is completed, return the file to the “C:\Assessment” directory. The “Assessment_Engine.xls” file when opened is the engine that populates from the template. No action is required other than to open the file.

With the two spreadsheets open, also open “Assessment_Report.docx”. When prompted “This document contains links…”, respond “Yes”. While the graphs will automatically update, one field needs to be refreshed as well on the front cover, right click and select “update field” it should have the current month and year. The assessment report is now complete.

It is a good idea to convert the file to a PDF or similar to avoid any broken links before distributing.

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