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This wiki is powered by MediaWiki, copyright © 2001-2010 Magnus Manske, Brion Vibber, Lee Daniel Crocker, Tim Starling, Erik Möller, Gabriel Wicke, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Niklas Laxström, Domas Mituzas, Rob Church, Yuri Astrakhan, Aryeh Gregor, Aaron Schulz, Andrew Garrett, Raimond Spekking, Alexandre Emsenhuber, Siebrand Mazeland, Chad Horohoe and others.

MediaWiki is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

MediaWiki is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA or read it online.

Installed software

Product Version
MediaWiki 1.16.5
PHP 5.3.24 (fpm-fcgi)
MySQL 5.6.36-82.0-log

Installed extensions

Special pages
AddRelationship A special page for adding friends/foe requests for existing users in the wiki David Pean
AvatarUpload A special page for uploading Avatars David Pean
CategoryTree Dynamically navigate the category structure Daniel Kinzler
Contribution Scores (Version 1.4)Polls Wiki Database for highest user contribution volume. Tim Laqua
Contributor Display contributor list Kevin Wang
Contributors Summarises the main contributors to an article Rob Church
DataDrivenLinks (Version 1.0)3 related article links and 2 omCollab bookmark links are displayed in a portlet of article page zhongzhen -
Delete Batch (Version 1.3)Delete a batch of pages Bartek Łapiński
[ DocConvert] (Version 1.0)Allows users to upload documents and have them converted to mediawiki. Author
Help_Guide (Version 1.0)When users contribute articles in article edit page, this extention helps them by giving article posting guide. zhongzhen -
MediaWiki Reference Selector (Version 0.2)Adds a button to the edit page for finding mediafiles to "attach" or insert a reference ([[Image:]]) to at the cursor position. mjs
MyLinks This page display prefered MyLinks contents of logged in user. Zhongzhen
[Private omCollabHelperFunctions] (Version 0.0.0, 2008-05-19)Adds parser functions used by the omCollab framework. User:Nad
[ Overall Contribution Scores] (Version 1.4)Polls Wiki, Forum, Blog, and Bookmark Database for highest user contribution volume. Mints.Yang
PopulateExistingUsersProfiles A special page for initializing social profiles for existing wikis David Pean
RemoveRelationship A special page for removing existing friends/foes for the current logged in user David Pean
SendBoardBlast A special page to allow users to send a mass board message by selecting from a list of their friends and foes David Pean
Skill Display user list for a skill Kevin Wang
SpecialInterwiki (Version 1.3.1)Adds a special page to view and edit the interwiki table Stephanie Amanda Stevens, SPQRobin and others
[ SpecialUserTitle] (Version $LastChangedDate$)View and edit user title definition table Mints.Yang
ToggleUserPage A special page for updating a user's userpage preference David Pean
UpdateProfile A special page to allow users to update their social profile David Pean
User Merge and Delete (Version 1.6.1)Merges references from one user to another user in the wiki database - will also delete old users following merge. Requires usermerge privileges Tim Laqua
UserBoard Display User Board messages for a user David Pean
ViewRelationshipRequests A special page for viewing open relationship requests for the current logged in user David Pean
ViewRelationships A special page for viewing all relationships by type David Pean
Parser hooks
Add to Any Share/Save/Bookmark Button (Version 0.1)Helps visitors share, save, bookmark, and email your pages using any service, such as Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and over 100 more. Add to Any
Add_HTML_Meta_and_Title (Version 0.5)Adds the <seo title="word1,word2,..." metakeywords="word1,word2,..." metadescription="word1,word2,..." /> tag so you can add to the meta keywords and HTML-title of a wiki-page. If you are lazy just use the short version: <seo title="1 , 2" metak="m1 m2,m3" metad="word1, word2" /> . Vladimir Radulovski - vladradulov<at>, based on the work of Jim Wilson - wilson.jim.r<at>
anysite extension Display sites Minseong Kim
BreadCrumbs Shows a breadcrumb navigation. Based heavily on Manuel Shneider's extension[1] Kimon Andreou
CategoryTree Dynamically navigate the category structure Daniel Kinzler
CharInsert Allows creation of JavaScript box for inserting non-standard characters Brion Vibber
Cite adds <ref[ name=id]> and <references/> tags, for citations Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
CreateArticle (version 0.9 beta) Generates create article input forms allowing for articles to be created with a variety of prefixes and suffixes Lisa Ridley
DynamicPageList2 (Version 1.6.8)based on DynamicPageList, featuring many improvements IlyaHaykinson, Amgine,Unendlich, Cyril Dangerville,Algorithmix
Flash (Version 1.0)Allows the display of flash movies within a wiki with the <flash> tag Marius Treitz
FLVPlayerTwo Allows the display of flv movies within a wiki using the FlowPlayer FLV movie player. Raju Shah
ImageMap Allows client-side clickable image maps using <imagemap> tag Tim Starling
[ invitefriends] This extension allows users to invite multiple people to register to the current site using their email. omCollab
[Private omCollabHelperFunctions] (Version 0.0.0, 2008-05-19)Adds parser functions used by the omCollab framework. User:Nad
ParserFunctions (Version 1.1.1)Enhance parser with logical functions Tim Starling
RSS Reader (Version 0.2.5)Adds <rss> tag Artem Kaznatcheev
SelectCategoryTagCloud (version 1.3) Adds a category selection tag cloud to the edit and upload pages and enables a Google Suggest like completion of categories/typeahead entered by the user. Based on WikiCategoryTagCloud, YetAnotherTagCloud and SelectCategory. Andreas Rindler <mediawiki at jenandi dot com>
TreeAndMenu (Version 1.1.1, 2009-07-29)Adds #tree and #menu parser functions which contain bullet-lists to be rendered as collapsible treeview's or dropdown menus.

The treeview's use the dTree JavaScript tree menu,

and the dropdown menu's use Son of Suckerfish
Nad and Sven
Widgets (Version 0.8)Allows wiki administrators to add free-form widgets to wiki by just editing pages within Widget namespace. Originally developed for Sergey Chernyshev (for Semantic Communities LLC.)
Wiki Category Tag Cloud A Category Tag Cloud derived, improved, and fixed from the YetAnotherTagCloud Extension Daniel Friesen <>
Api Query Extension (Version 1.0)Display results from API query Andreas Rindler <mediawiki at jenandi dot com>
Approved Revs (Version 0.6.3)Set a single revision of a page as approved Yaron Koren
AWC`s Top Ten Contributors (Version 1.2)Display the top 10 Contributors at the bottom of your Nav Bar and also show a Contributors Special Page which will list off all your members. Another Web Company
ConfirmEdit Simple captcha implementation Brion Vibber
ContributorsAddon Adds JS onMouseOver popups to "Main Contributors" links Tim Laqua
DiscussionThreading (Version 1.3)Add threading to talk pages Jack D. Pond, Daniel Brice
FCKeditor (Version fckeditor/mw-extension $Rev$ 2008)FCKeditor extension for editing wiki pages (WYSIWYG editor) and Wikia
OM Bookmarks (Version 1.0)Show MIKE2.0 Openmethodology Bookmarks On Your Site Andreas Rindler <mediawiki at jenandi dot com>
[private omCollab Single Signon] (Version 0.1)Login, logout and account creation for Wordpress, omBookmarks and omExplore, using MediaWiki signon Pete Dakin <petedakin at gmail dot com>
redirectOnAccountCreation (Version 1.0)Redirect to a certain page after user has created a new account Marcel Minke
Show omCollab Bookmarks On Your Site (Version 1.1)Show omCollab Bookmarks On Your Site Andreas Rindler <mediawiki at jenandi dot com>
WikiaUserProfile A set of Social Tools for MediaWiki Wikia, Inc. (Aaron Wright, David Pean)
Yahoo! User Interface Library A set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript Yahoo! Inc.
Extension functions
ReferenceSelector_init, ceSetup, efCategoryTree, efContributors, efContributorsAddon, efDiscussionThreadSetup, efMyLinks, efRSSReader, efReCaptcha, efSetupOmCollab, fnSelectCategory, registerTagCloudExtension, setupSEOParserHooks, setupSpecialChars, wfAWCtop_ten, wfApiQueryExtension, wfCite, wfCreateArticle, wfDynamicArticleList, wfExtensionSpecialDocConvert, wfFLVPlayerExtension, wfFlashExtension, wfInviteFriends, wfOMBookmarksExtension, wfOmCollabBookmarksExtension, wfOmCollabSingleSignon, wfSetupImageMap, wfSetupParserFunctions, wfSetupTreeAndMenu, wfSpecialEditTeam, wfSpecialSubscribeUserPanel, wfSpecialTeamArrangement, wfSpecialUnsubscribe, wfSpecialWikitracer, wfUserProfileReadLang, wfYUI, wfanyweb, wfskype, widgetParserFunctions, (ExtDynamicPageList2, setup) and (BreadCrumbs, setup)
Parser extension tags
<anyweb>, <apiquery>, <awc_top_ten>, <charinsert>, <createarticle>, <dpl>, <dynamicarticlelist>, <flash>, <flvplayertwo>, <imagemap>, <invitefriends>, <ombookmarks>, <omcollabbookmarks>, <ref>, <references>, <rss>, <section>, <seo>, <skype> and <tagcloud>
Parser function hooks
dpl, dplchapter, dplmatrix, hide, menu, omcollabmenu, roundbox, show, tree and widget
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