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Structural Overview of MIKE2.0

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Here is an outline-based presentation via live content links to the structure of the MIKE2.0 methodology and associated content.



  • A New Model for the Enterprise provides an intro rationale for MIKE2.0
  • What is MIKE2.0? is a good basic intro to the methodology with some of the major diagrams and schematics
  • Introduction to MIKE2.0 is a category of other introductory articles
  • MIKE2.0 How To - provides a listing of basic articles of how to work with and understand the MIKE2.0 system and methodology.
  • Alternative Release Methodologies describes current thinking about how the basic structure of MIKE2.0 can itself be modified and evolve. The site presently follows a hierarchical model with governance for major changes, though branching and other models could be contemplated.

Grounding Documents

Solution Offerings

Solution Offerings are the major focus of MIKE2.0 and topical organization of the available MIKE2.0 material. Core Solutions are solutions for common problems in Information Management. Composite Solutions are next-generation offerings that provide advanced information-centric capabilities across two or more core solution areas. Business Solutions are applied to common business problems for which information management practices is a key. Product Solutions describe an offering that is specific to a commercial or open source product.

Generally, each Offering is organized according to the presentation under Solution Capabilities below.

  1. Core Solution Offerings
  2. Composite Solution Offerings
  3. Business Solution Offerings
  4. Product Solution Offerings

Solution Capabilities

Solution Capabilities provide the means by which the various Solution Offerings are delivered. They tend to follow a common organization, as reflected below.

  1. Overall Implementation Guide
  2. Usage Model provides of list of required activities as they relate to a Solution Offering
  3. Foundational Solutions are "background" solutions that may underlie the MIKE2.0 Methodology
  4. Supporting Assets are reusable building blocks that provide detail to complement the overall methodology

Collaboration Environment

The MIKE2.0 Collaboration Environment is hosted within the comprehensive and collaborative omCollab framework that allow users to engage in knowledge sharing, content development and skills improvement through a wiki, blogs, social bookmarking, social networking, forums and the like.

Solution Providers (vendors)

Wiki Contributors
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