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Talk:Strategic Conceptual Business Architecture Deliverable Template

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-- Murchland 07:44, 16 October 2011 (EDT)

A Strategic Conceptual Business Architecture needs more than some samples. There needs to be some agreement on the component artefacts that might be used to represent the business architecture.

The other issue which needs to be explored here is the whole dynamic around business processes. Information management and process management are fundamentally two sides of the same coin. You can either look at the information as input and output of a process or you can look at the generating and consuming process(es) for a particular information domain/entity/attribute.

Hence, development of a business architecture requires a balanced view and approach in relation to the development of a future information architecture and a fugure process architecture.

Be interested to see the extent to which MIKE 2.0 addresses this / is prepared to address this.

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