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MIKE2:Tools and Technique Papers

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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Tools and Technique Papers are methods that can be used to speed up the implementation process.

  • A Tool is an asset to that can be run to generate output to feed directly into a Solution or Activity of the MIKE2.0 Methodology. Not all Tools are hosted directly on MIKE2.0, but their output is always aligned to producing content that can be used as input to other tasks.
  • A Technique Paper provides a process-oriented guide to producing a specific output. Technique Papers may be logical in nature or specific to a certain product. Technique Papers may also be described a set of architectural concepts that compare different approaches to a problem, framed in the context of the SAFE Architecture.

Tools and Technique Papers are grouped together as they work in a similar fashion. They are considered to be Supporting Assets for MIKE2.0. Some articles, like the Economic Value of Information, share properties of both types of assets.

List of Tools

List of Technique Papers

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