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Tutorials are available to guide users on the use of the MIKE2.0. The list of currently available tutorials include:

Introductory Training

Includes key concepts, overview of the approach, differentiators and a walkthrough of a some of the initial MIKE2.0 strategy tasks

Executive Overviews

Data Quality Improvement requires more than just reacting to issues, it requires a comprehensive approach to fixing the root causes through better Data Governance. See also Guidelines for Prioritisation of Data Quality Issues.

There many types of projects where having a well defined approach to managing data is the key to success. Because of the commonalities across projects and the complexity of the issue, it is necessary to have an Enterprise approach to Data Management.

There are a number of questions we typically get asked related to the implementation of a Services Oriented Architecture. This presentation provides the answers to some of these questions and gives an overview on how a Services Oriented Architecture can be implemented for Enterprise Data Management.

The “IT Transformation” of an organisation from its legacy environment to the next generation of technology is one of the most complex and expensive changes an organisation can undergo. Taking an Information Development approach is key to its success.

Better Business Intelligence requires a renewed focused on issues across the Technology Backplane and the approach taken to software development.

Migrating from the legacy environment to a new system can be a straightforward activity or be a very complex initiative. In most large organisations, migration of Enterprise Systems is very complex. To simplify this complexity, the MIKE2.0 approach first aims to understand the scope of the problem and then formulate some initial solution techniques.


A webinar on Data Governance and Management (Registration Required, presented jointly with Informatica)

A webinar on applying MIKE2.0 to real world business problems with a focus on data governance (Registration Required, presented jointly with Informatica)

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