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Usage Model

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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The MIKE2.0 Usage_Model provides a guide in determining which phases, activities, and tasks from the overall methodology process are typically used for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) engagements. While there are certainly differences among each of the projects, there are also many similarities with respect to the overall approach, tasks, and more detailed required supporting assets. As a result, all projects are described in the context of the Overall Implementation Guide and the Usage Model are used to map the relevant tasks required for implementation.

A number of Usage Models exist to map Activities to Solution Offerings. These include models for:

The corresponding Offerings explain the context in which these activities are used. What's more, they are performed for each activity in the Overall Implementation Guide.

Even if the project represents only a small subset of work, organisations should attempt to cross-check the approach against the overall steps in the methodology. Doing so ensures that all requird activities have been completed. Ultimately, this means that even tactical projects may start with a review of the Blueprint stage.

Integrating MIKE2.0 to External Assets provides the approach for using MIKE2.0 in the context of an overall implementation programme.

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