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User Stories Deliverable Template

From MIKE2.0 Methodology

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This article is currently Under Construction. It is undergoing major changes as it is in the early stages of development. Users should help contribute to this article to get it to the point where is ready for a Peer Review.

User Stories are requirements gathered from the perspective of the use and how they will interact with the system. User stories provide the lifecycle of steps a user will follow. Users stories primarily used when gathering requirements for systems that involve a user interface, such as a web-based application.

Requirements are gathered through interviews and are re-factored throughout the interview process to attain a common grain and appropriate level of detail. User stories are particularly important as a technique for Agile Development

User stories shift the focus from getting the requirement to understanding why we need it. One particular form of user story is the 'As a, I want to, So that' user story template. Using this form of user story, a requirement is described in a first person narrative, with the acceptance criteria described as a scenario. The basic structure of this type of user story is described below.

Title: (one line describing story)

As a [role] 
I want [feature]
 So that [benefit]

Acceptance Criteria: (presented as Scenarios)

Scenario 1: Title 

Given [context] And [some more context]...
When [event]
 Then [outcome] And [another outcome]...

Description of fields

  • Title: should describe an activity
  • Narrative: Role, Feature and Benefit
  • Scenario: Should say what’s different in terms of Givens, Events and Outcomes
  • Given: Pre-conditions enough context.
  • Events: Describe features.
  • Outcomes: What must be achieved by the solution.
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